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Nordmarka is the mostly forested region which makes up the northern part of Oslo, Norway. Nordmarka is the largest and most central part of Oslomarka.

Ekebergparken Urban park with diverse sculptures, wooded areas, walking paths, a restaurant & sweeping city views.

Sognsvann (or Sognsvannet) is a 3.3 km circumference lake just north of Oslo, Norway. Lying just within the greenbelt around Oslo, the lake is a popular recreational area, used as a camping, picnicking and bathing destination for the residents of Oslo during the summer, as well as a cross-country skiing, skating and ice fishing destination in the winter.

Bogstadvannet (English: Lake Bogstad) is a lake between the city of Oslo and the municipality of Bærum, Akershus, Norway. It is part of Sørkedalsvassdraget, which in turn is part of Oslomarkvassdraget. View of the manor from the lake during winter.